Application Timeline

All NEET threads, including Living Machines, share a common application form. LM is open to all MIT rising sophomores who plan on majoring in 6, 2, 20 or 10C.Students from other technical majors at MIT my also petition to join.

  • Freshman Fall

    Consider joining Living Machines

    This is a great time to talk to current LM scholars and instructors. Follow us on social media to stay informed or come talk to us.

  • FreshmanSpring


    Students apply during the Spring of their Freshman year through the common NEET application. On the application you indicate that you would like to be considered for the Living Machines thread. If you have any questions or concerns about the process come talk to us. Application deadline for Fall 2019 has passed.

  • SophomoreFall

    Welcome to Living Machines!

    Your journey with Living Machines begins at the start of your Sophomore Fall semester. Make sure to register for 20.051!

  • SeniorSpring


    Graduate with a certificate from the School of Engineering in NEET Living Machines in addition to your SB degree.


In order to gain the NEET Living Machines certificate from the School of Engineering students have to complete all the requirements of their respective major in addition to the following:

  • 1. Take the three Living Machines classes.

    The Living Machines classes are 20.051, 20.052 and 20.053. Each class is 12 credits total spanning both Fall and Spring. They are a combination of seminars, labs, research meetings, workshops, assignments and social activities to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • 2. Fulfill the Living Machines Intellectual Diversity Requirement.

    The Living Machines Intellectual Diversity Requirement is a core class from outside your major that is decided upon on an individual basis with Prof. Linda Griffith depending on your interests and future career path. These classes usually include 20.110, 10.10 or 2.001. Classes typically fall under courses 20, 10 or 2. Additionally, in certain cases you might be required to fulfill two of these requirements.

  • 2. Complete two semesters of undergraduate research (UROP) during Junior year.

    There is quite a lot of flexibility in choosing your MIT UROP lab, but it must fall directly or indirectly under the gut-microbiome theme. This includes, but is not limited to, labs working on microbiology, microfluidics, cell biology, machine learning, senors, microfabrication, computational fluid dynamics, tissue engineering, medical devices and synthetic biology.