The Living Machines faculty are dedicated to creating a unique learning experience for all our scholars.

  • Dr. Timothy Kassis

    Dr. Timothy Kassis

    Lead Instructor

    School of Engineering

  • Prof. Linda Griffith

    Prof. Linda Griffith

    Faculty Lead

    Biological Engineering

  • Prof. Eric Alm

    Prof. Eric Alm

    Faculty Lead

    Biological Engineering

Scholars Leadership Team

  • Rebekah Costello

    Rebekah Costello

    Academic Liaison Officer

    Course 20

  • Ronit Langer

    Ronit Langer

    Industry Liaison Officer

    Course 6-2

  • Dorothy Szymkiewicz

    Dorothy Szymkiewicz

    Communications Officer

    Course 2A-20

  • Alexa Guan

    Alexa Guan

    Peer Mentorship Program Officer

    Course 20

  • Julie Vaughn

    Julie Vaughn

    Community Building Officer

    Course 6-2

  • Adil Yusuf

    Adil Yusuf

    MIT/NEET Liaison Officer

    Course 6-2

NEET Program Leadership

The New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) program was launched in 2017 to reimagine engineering education at MIT. A cross-departmental endeavor with a focus on integrative, project-centric learning, NEET cultivates the essential skills, knowledge, and qualities to address the formidable challenges posed by the 21st century. More information about the NEET program can be found here.

  • Dr. Amitava 'Babi' Mitra

    Dr. Amitava 'Babi' Mitra

    NEET Executive Director

    School of Engineering

  • Prof. Ed Crawley

    Prof. Ed Crawley

    NEET Co-Chair

    Aeronautics and Astronautics

  • Prof. Anette 'Peko' Hosoi

    Prof. Mark Bathe

    NEET Co-Chair

    Biological Engineering

Faculty Advisors

  • Prof. Chris Love

    Prof. Chris Love

    Chemical Engineering

  • Prof. Xuanhe Zhao

    Prof. Xuanhe Zhao

    Mechanical Engineering