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Rebekah Costello wins this year's award.

Video explanation by one of our Sophomore teams: Aaron Garza, Jose Aceves Salvador, Mihir Khambete, Tooba Shahid and Yara Komaiha.

We Are Building Next Generation Gut-Microbiome-on-Chip Devices

You will be oriented to the science, engineering, and business of biotech and medical devices with a focus on the gut microbiome. You will develop intellectual and technical skills to translate frontiers of research at MIT into practical application by addressing a real-world industry need for a “gut-on-a-chip”. You will learn how to build a gut-on-a-chip from stem cells, micro-pumps to power it, microscopes to image it, and measure and computationally model the way drugs, microbes and immune cells change its function. The skills developed are highly transferable to various biotech and medical device fields.
Most importantly you will be part of a diverse and interdisciplinary community of undergrads, faculty and industry partners where you will establish long-term personal and professional relationships.

Featured Scholars

Why Join?

  • Join 32 scholars from 6 different majors across the Schools of Engineering and Science

  • Miscellaneous 24 final

    Work on cutting-edge interdisciplinary projects at MIT labs

  • Gain valuable technical, lab and communication skills

  • Become part of a strong intellectual community

  • Earn a NEET Living Machines certificate from the School of Engineering

  • Get access to the LM Research Lab and Community Space

Upcoming Events

Events are open to Living Machines scholars only unless otherwise noted.

  • MIT - Timothy Kassis

    Summer Social

    July, 2019

    Location TBD

    Bringing together Living Machines scholars that are in the Boston area over summer.


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